Bone Grafting

  1. After the procedure you may have some bleeding in the area.  You may use 2-3 gauze pads and apply gentle pressure to the area for 20-30 minutes.
  2. You may have some swelling and/or bruising for up to 3 days following surgery.
  3. Stay on a soft diet for 3-5 days after surgery and avoid chewing in the surgical area if possible.
  4. You may notice some particulate material may extrude from the graft site.  The grafted area is typically over packed and it is normal for some excess material to extrude.
  5. Take all prescribed medications as directed.  Do not take the antibiotic or pain medicine on an empty stomach, as this may cause nausea.  It is important to use the medicated mouth rinse (Peridex) twice daily for two weeks following surgery.
  6. You will need a post-operative appointment in 10-14 days for suture removal.